100% recycled content luxury beverage labels

Posted: 12th June 2020

Thirst for sustainability in the wine, beer and spirits market can finally be quenched with Paperwork’s 100% recycled content luxury beverage labels.

A new premium collection for high-end labeling not only includes products that are made from 100% recycled content but also FSC-certified materials.

Beverage labels entice shoppers to try new drink experiences. The five materials in the Reverie collection each have a unique finish to help brands tell the story of what’s in the bottle.

  • Jazz Ice Premium-FSC – A versatile material with a new light, textured design and an excellent ice-bucket performance. This material gives room for creativity and bold designs making it a perfect choice for labeling spirits bottles
  • Jazz Silver Ice Premium-FSC – An iridescent version of Jazz Ice with liveliness, freshness, and dynamism combined with excellent ice-bucket performance. With its freshness, it is well suitable for labeling white, rosé and sparkling wines
  • Ronda PCR Ice Premium-FSC – An elegant, refined material – made from 100% recycled content – with an optimal level of whiteness and superior embossing properties combined with excellent ice-bucket performance
  • Rust – A super-premium material that communicates authenticity and craftsmanship like no other. It reminds you of the ground and soil and suits well for spirits and craft beer labels or red wines
  • Sabrage Blanc de Blancs Ice Premium– A material that meets the true premiumization needs of the market. Highly elegant and suitable for high embossing and debossing. The ideal solution for combining the tactile properties of cotton fibers with excellent ice-bucket performance

100% recycled content luxury beverage labels are just the latest addition to Paperwork’s portfolio of sustainable label materials. It joins the likes of our pioneering OK Compost certified range that covers direct and transfer thermal labels, primary labels and also synthetics using bagasse.

For more information or samples of the range, get in touch with Paperwork’s sales team by emailing sales@paperworkuk.co.uk or calling 01754 613120.