AA BRC accreditation: setting a new standard with issue 6

Posted: 19th February 2020

Paperwork has become one of the first label companies in the UK to achieve a double AA grade BRC certification against the new issue 6 standard.

BRC’s Global Standard for Packaging Materials was introduced in 2001 and has since been revised at regular intervals. Now on issue 6, the bar has been raised with new quality and hygiene criteria to meet.

Achieving the highest possible grade of accreditation, Paperwork UK can assure brand owners, retailers, food services and manufacturers across the world that the labels we produce are of the highest standard. Our labels will be accepted by supermarkets and wholesalers and our advisors will also help ensure your products are compliant and correctly labelled.

Why choose BRC certified labels?

The BRC standard is designed to protect the consumer by providing a common level of quality standards in food companies. Demonstrating we’re meeting these standards at the highest level gives reassurance that you are buying the best label for your food product.

Benefits of BRC certified labels

  • Raw materials are traceable, ethically sourced and handled in a safe and secure manner. Deliveries and shipments are sent on clean vehicles, checked for contamination risk.
  • Administrative processes from artwork sign off to tracking deliveries are routinely followed to install confidence and reliability.
  • Staff are highly trained and have a continual program of re-training so your labels are manufactured by experts.
  • Quality control is paramount and your labels undergo rigorous checks at every stage of production to ensure they are manufactured to specification.
  • Product safety is a core value so your labels are produced in a clean and pest-free environment.
  • Traceability is key to BRC so we can help perform product recalls and also offer forward and backward traceability reports going right back to the raw material.

Paperwork’s site in Skegness was audited on February 13 and 14 2020 by QA International. All staff have worked hard to maintain a high standard of manufacture and the company welcomes customer visits to show off our plant.