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Sales job opportunity at Paperwork UK

Sales job opportunity at Paperwork UK

Paperwork UK is expanding its external sales team looking for someone to open doors in the South of the UK. We have an exciting sales job opportunity suitable for individuals with experience in the packaging sector.

Job Description

Paperwork is one of the UK’s leading self-adhesive label and ticket manufacturers. We are looking for new salespeople to help support the expansion of our production facility.

We’re looking for candidates that can open doors and bring new large accounts to the company. The ideal candidate will come with industry contracts and list of warm prospects.

A rewarding commision structure based on annual growth with following year salary increase incentive.

You will also be required to help cement our profile within the industry by visiting shows and exhibitions.

We operate within all of the UKs market sectors from agriculture, automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical to tourism and transport and food and retail.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work to outline and set objectives and targets with the Sales Director.
  • Correspond with the sales office to ensure a high level of service delivery to customers.
  • Research and evaluate market pricing and competition, monitoring new products and processes.
  • Educate customers to audit their production and find efficiencies in their label usage.
  • Effectively communicate requirements with our production and estimating teams.
  • Monitor and evaluate performance of calls and sales methods, providing feedback to the Sales Director.
  • Work with the sales team to grow your territory and sales value.
  • Be accountable for your individual annual sales targets.

Key Qualities

  • We are looking for candidates with strong communication, influencing skills and who are self- motivated.
  • You should be excellent at working both by yourself (as the role is home based) and in a team.
  • Ability to analyse and present sales data.
  • Confident in presenting and talking to people.
  • Have the ability to learn about new products.
  • Be able to keep up to date with supplier news and developments.


  • Proven track record in sales
  • Packaging industry knowledge
  • Full UK driving licence

If you are bright, articulate, hard-working, a self-starter, interested by business and want to grow with Paperwork, we’d love to hear from you.

Apply online via Indeed with a CV and covering letter outlining your sales credentials and accolades. Or email to

Reference ID: BDM – South

Application deadline: 30/06/2020

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: £30,000.00 to £50,000.00 /year

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100% recycled content luxury beverage labels

100% recycled content luxury beverage labels for the beer, wine and spirit market.

Thirst for sustainability in the wine, beer and spirits market can finally be quenched with Paperwork’s 100% recycled content luxury beverage labels.

A new premium collection for high-end labeling not only includes products that are made from 100% recycled content but also FSC-certified materials.

Beverage labels entice shoppers to try new drink experiences. The five materials in the Reverie collection each have a unique finish to help brands tell the story of what’s in the bottle.

  • Jazz Ice Premium-FSC – A versatile material with a new light, textured design and an excellent ice-bucket performance. This material gives room for creativity and bold designs making it a perfect choice for labeling spirits bottles
  • Jazz Silver Ice Premium-FSC – An iridescent version of Jazz Ice with liveliness, freshness, and dynamism combined with excellent ice-bucket performance. With its freshness, it is well suitable for labeling white, rosé and sparkling wines
  • Ronda PCR Ice Premium-FSC – An elegant, refined material – made from 100% recycled content – with an optimal level of whiteness and superior embossing properties combined with excellent ice-bucket performance
  • Rust – A super-premium material that communicates authenticity and craftsmanship like no other. It reminds you of the ground and soil and suits well for spirits and craft beer labels or red wines
  • Sabrage Blanc de Blancs Ice Premium– A material that meets the true premiumization needs of the market. Highly elegant and suitable for high embossing and debossing. The ideal solution for combining the tactile properties of cotton fibers with excellent ice-bucket performance

100% recycled content luxury beverage labels are just the latest addition to Paperwork’s portfolio of sustainable label materials. It joins the likes of our pioneering OK Compost certified range that covers direct and transfer thermal labels, primary labels and also synthetics using bagasse.

For more information or samples of the range, get in touch with Paperwork’s sales team by emailing or calling 01754 613120.

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Attraction tickets – discount and promotional ideas

Attraction tickets with offers and vouchers can help boost revenue

Some outdoor attractions are set to re-open as restrictions are slowly lifted in the UK following the Covid 19 pandemic. There is a lot of lost revenue to make up so we look at how attraction tickets and entry systems can help do that.

Paperwork UK manufactures a complete range of printed thermal tickets, wristbands, badges, access tickets and membership and ID cards. We offer secure solutions for premier sports clubs, theatres, event centres, festivals, museums, attractions and racecourses.

The most successful venues use the above media as another way to create revenue. The face value of attraction tickets can be worth hundreds of pounds which makes the media something the customer is keen to keep close to them. This in mind, entry tickets and passes can become an idea advertising medium.

Top things to promote on tickets:

  • Future offer, return discount
  • Additional service or upsell within the attraction
  • Token to promote use of food or drinks stands or restuarants
  • Voucher for shops or souvenirs
  • Sell advertising space to another local service or attraction

Modern print helps facilitate the above with composite and shorter, seasonal print runs. We print four versions of ticket for one UK safari park, with each version having a different promotion for subsequent visits.

UK theatres have been making the most of ticket advertising for decades, with stubs having interval drinks vouchers and main tickets promoting upcoming shows.

Get in touch with our sales team by emailing or calling 01754 613120 to discuss printing options for your tickets. Read more about what we can offer on our ticketing information page.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced that Zoos, safari parks and drive-in cinemas will be some of the outdoor attractions that will be allowed to reopen from Monday June 15, however, strict social distancing measure will be in place. Read more about our Covid 19 social distancing labels.

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BPA free labels: what is Bisphenol A and are you compliant?

BPA free labels: what is Bisphenol A

BPA free labels became a legal requirement in January 2020, as under EU regulations Bisphenol A was banned from thermal papers and plastic food packaging.

In 2017 the EU member countries unanimously decided to classify BPA as a substance of very high concern due to the potential health impact and “probable serious effects to human health”.

Prior to that, it had been one of the most popular chemicals in the world, with an estimated 3.63 billion kilos manufactured in 2016.

What is Bisphenol A?

Bisphenol A commonly known as BPA, is an organic synthetic compound. The chemical has been used to create tough clear plastic, form a barrier layer in food packaging and also in thermal papers and labels. One key feature of BPA is that it turns black when exposed to heat, making it a key component in direct thermal labels.

What are the effects of BPA on health?

How safe BPA is largely depends on how and how frequently people come into contact with it. This is referred to as the Daily Tolerable Intake. The detremental impact on health is not fully understood with some groups saying it has no impact and some claiming BPA affects hormones that can lead to cancer and other diseases such as heart diseases. Ultimately, the claims have lead to the EU banning BPA in thermal papers and labels used for direct thermal printing.

Am I BPA free compliant?

Paperwork UK has been phasing out materials containing BPA for over a year before the ban was introduced in 2020. Supported by leading material suppliers, we have actively been trying to manufacture BPA free labels for several years. This has resulted in no raw material or converted stock in our warehouse containing Bisphenol A. However, if you have direct thermal label or ticket stock stored in your own warehouse that was delivered before August 2019, it is worth checking. For stock ordered from Paperwork, we can tell you given an production reference and for stock ordered from other suppliers, we can accept samples for analysis.

Total phenol free labels

Thermal reactant papers still require developers and Bisphenol A has been replaced by Bisphenol S, a chemical that also faces critics. Paperwork UK offers a total phenol free range of thermal materials. These still possess clear thermal imaging characteristics but satisfy eco-concious demands.

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AA BRC accreditation: setting a new standard with issue 6

AA BRC certification for Paperwork UK

Paperwork has become one of the first label companies in the UK to achieve a double AA grade BRC certification against the new issue 6 standard.

BRC’s Global Standard for Packaging Materials was introduced in 2001 and has since been revised at regular intervals. Now on issue 6, the bar has been raised with new quality and hygiene criteria to meet.

Achieving the highest possible grade of accreditation, Paperwork UK can assure brand owners, retailers, food services and manufacturers across the world that the labels we produce are of the highest standard. Our labels will be accepted by supermarkets and wholesalers and our advisors will also help ensure your products are compliant and correctly labelled.

Why choose BRC certified labels?

The BRC standard is designed to protect the consumer by providing a common level of quality standards in food companies. Demonstrating we’re meeting these standards at the highest level gives reassurance that you are buying the best label for your food product.

Benefits of BRC certified labels

  • Raw materials are traceable, ethically sourced and handled in a safe and secure manner. Deliveries and shipments are sent on clean vehicles, checked for contamination risk.
  • Administrative processes from artwork sign off to tracking deliveries are routinely followed to install confidence and reliability.
  • Staff are highly trained and have a continual program of re-training so your labels are manufactured by experts.
  • Quality control is paramount and your labels undergo rigorous checks at every stage of production to ensure they are manufactured to specification.
  • Product safety is a core value so your labels are produced in a clean and pest-free environment.
  • Traceability is key to BRC so we can help perform product recalls and also offer forward and backward traceability reports going right back to the raw material.

Paperwork’s site in Skegness was audited on February 13 and 14 2020 by QA International. All staff have worked hard to maintain a high standard of manufacture and the company welcomes customer visits to show off our plant.

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Food labels for Community Fridge project

Food labels help Community Fridge meet safery requirements

Correct food labels are key to safety and legislation is very clear. This even applies to items that are given away at ever popular community food projects.

Paperwork UK was approached by The Community Fridge project for advice on food label legislation and with sparing waste in mind, we were also able to provide food labels for us on the scheme.

As an environmentally concious manufactuer, we are careful with raw materials but production does create a limited amount of overs. To avoid waste, with similar principals to the Firdge project, we are able to give back to the community with thermal products for food labels.

The Community Fridge was first launched in Derbyshire in 2016 and there are now almost 100 projects across the UK. The average UK family wastes £810 per year on throw away food and drink but the scheme offers a way to pass on food that would otherwise be wasted to people in need.

Food labels for your project

You can follow the project online by searching #CommunityFridge on social media. If you’re interested in the Community Fridge project you can find more information online, whether that’s donating or setting something up in your area. Both businesses and members of the public can donate. If you’ve got a community project you may need label support with, get in touch with us directly.

Paperwork UK is a leading label manufactuer and on sector it specialises in is food and beverage labels. We can give help and guidance on changing legislation to incorporate Natasha’s Law. Or we can simply help with finding labels that match your product needs. We supply products on sheets, roll or as fanfold stacks to work with your current printers or applicators.

We also supply thermal and inkjet printers as well as software to ensure your labels meet government requirements. For more information, get in touch with our sales team.

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Collective label scheme to sponsor Lincolnshire Poacher Award

As a leading supplier to the UK food industry Paperwork is proud to be based in Lincolnshire. We’re helping to celebrate the fine produce that is made in our county with our recent sponsorship of the Lincolnshire Poacher Awards.

Lincolnshire County Food Group launched the competition in 1990, to help promote Lincolnshire products and Paperwork has decided there’s no better way to help these award winning items stand out than with a label. Our collective buying scheme makes this an affordable option for all the businesses celebrated in the competition.

Curtis of Lincoln, Odling Bros Ltd and Simons of Spilsby have already taken up the offer and are proudly displaying their awards labels as a badge of honour.

Paperwork has created an award rosette with a classic gold and black design to mark the prestige of the award.

The label specification is on a coated material to give a high quality finish and also provide durability for use on food products that may be subject to moisture.

A hi-tak adhesive has been used so the labels can be applied to products that will be refrigerated and frozen. The label can be applied to plastic, paper or metal packaging.

The size of the label is a 38mm diameter and they are available on rolls of 1,000 on a 45mm core. Our sponsored rate for these labels is just £4.20 per roll plus VAT.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can promote your success with a label get in touch with our sales team who will be happy to take your enquiry over the phone: 01754 613120 or via email:

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British Sandwich Week 2016

Paperwork is hoping for big success at The British Sandwich Industry AwardsThe Sammies, with customers nominated in three awards.

The leading names in the sandwich industry are well represented in the awards and labels made by Paperwork have helped our customers land nominations for best Cafe Sandwich Retailer, Specialist Sandwich Bar Chain and New Sandwich.

The shortlist has been drawn up from entries from across the £7.85 billion sandwich market that employs over 300,000 people un the UK.

To celebrate our involvement in this year’s awards, we thought we’d have a bit of fun and share some sandwich trivia courtesy of the British Sandwich and Food to Go Association.

– British consumers manage to munch their way through over 11.5 billion sandwiches each year.
– If you laid each one end to end, they would go around the world about 44 times.
– More than half of these were made and eaten in the home.
– More sandwiches are consumed in hot weather than when it is wet or cold.
– Well over 3,500,000,000 sandwiches are purchased from UK retail or catering outlets each year.
– We paid over £7,850,000,000 for them – that’s as much as 36,500 brand new Ferraris. (That means the average price of a sandwich almost £2.07.)
– Chicken remains the most popular filling in commercially made sandwiches accounting for around 31% of all sandwiches.
– Britons eat some 43,000 tonnes of chicken in sandwiches each year. That’s the same weight as 258 Blue Whales or 6,006 Double Decker buses.

The first ‘packaged’ sandwich is believed to have been launched by Marks & Spencer in 1985 thanks to the creation of a ‘easy seal’ pack by Hans Blokmann, the then technical director of packaging supplier Danisco Otto Nielsen.

The modern sandwich is named after Lord John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, but the story might not be an accurate historical account. Lord Sandwich, a “dedicated” gambler, did not like to take time out from the game to have a meal. He would, therefore, ask casino waiters to bring him slices of meat between two slices of bread; a habit well known among his gambling friends. Because John Montagu was the Earl of Sandwich others began to order “the same as Sandwich!” – aka the ‘sandwich.’

An alternative story is provided by Sandwich’s biographer, N. A. M. Rodger, who suggests Sandwich’s commitments to the navy, to politics and the arts mean the first sandwich was more likely to have been consumed at his work desk [Source: Wikipedia].

The following are the estimated volumes (in tonnes) of key ingredients used by the commercial sandwich market each year:
1. Chicken = 43,000
2. Cheese = 16,000
3. Ham = 15,000
4. Egg = 14,000
5. Bacon = 7,000
6. Prawns = 6,250
7. Tuna = 6,250
8. Salmon = 3,000
9. Beef = 2,750
10. Sausages = 250