Printer Leasing

Working with small, medium and large businesses, Paperwork has come to understand the progression and investment required to expand. Our equipment leasing service enables our customer’s to grow by giving them access to technology and help to upgrade their facility.

The craft beer industry as an example, bringing the bottling and labelling in-house can make the process more efficient and cost-effective. However the initial outlay can be hard to take on. Paperwork can not only supply your labels but install and maintain your equipment and spread the cost across monthly payments.

Similarly with upgrading old equipment. Label applicators and thermal printers that don’t perform can slow manufacturing down. Some companies run phased upgrades but the inconsistent equipment can again cause problems. Spreading costs with lease contracts can open the door to upgrading equipment company wide.

How easy is leasing?

– Payments start when the contract starts and the equipment arrives.

– Direct debit is set up for easy management

– Finance lease, hire purchase and operating leases are all available

– Tax deductible leasing benefits offset rates

– Asset protection insurance is also offered

– Upgrade or continue with the lease at the end of the initial term

– Select your equipment and get a same day decision on finance

If you have any questions at all and want to know if your business is eligible, our printer, applicator and accessories team are trained to give guidance. Call our team now on 01754 613120 or email

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