Terms & Conditions

Impact (Boston) Ltd, also trading as Paperwork UK, and Chiefield Limited trading as Brown Advertising and Design.

  1. General
    (a) Definitions
    In these conditions
    (i) Seller means Impact (Boston) Ltd or Paperwork UK or Brown Advertising and Design
    (ii) Buyer means the person firm or company who places an order with the Seller for the manufacture and/or supply of any goods
    (iii) Home Market means the UK.
    (b) Exclusion of Terms Inconsistent Herewith
    Only these conditions shall apply to sales by the seller. If the terms and conditions stated in the Buyer’s order are inconsistent
    herewith or if they contain a provision(s) purporting to exclude these conditions the Seller’s acceptance of the Buyer’s order shall
    constitute a counter offer and the Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted these conditions unless it notifies the Secretary of the
    Seller at its registered office to the contrary in writing within seven days of the date of the Seller’s acknowledgement of the
    Buyer’s order.
    (c) Variation and Waiver
    No variation cancellation or waiver of these conditions shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by a duly authorised
    representative of the Seller. At the request of the Buyer the Seller will verify whether any named individual has the requisite
  2. Extent of Contract
    The Buyer must notify the Seller within seven days of the date of the Seller’s acknowledgement if such acknowledgement does
    not accurately confirm the Buyer’s order failing which the Buyer shall be bound by the terms of the acknowledgement.
  3. Acceptance
    The Seller’s offers estimates quotations and price lists are without engagement and all orders require the Seller’s acceptance in
    writing in order to create a contract. Any such acceptance shall nevertheless be subject to the Buyer’s credit being approved and
    to cancellation without liability of the instance of the Seller should it subsequently find the Buyer’s credit inadequate.
  4. Label Designs
    No responsibility is accepted for label designs whether designed by the Seller or produced to the Buyer’s design. The Buyer must
    ensure that any such designs do not infringe any copyright design or other rights and shall indemnify the Seller against any costs
    claims or demands resulting from any alleged infringement of copyright design or other rights of third parties.
  5. Materials and Adhesives
    The materials and adhesives to be used on any goods the subject of a quotation by the Seller are believed to be the most suitable
    for use in the particular circumstances in which the goods comprised in the quotation are stated to be required for use. The Buyer
    is at liberty to accept or reject the Seller’s recommendations as to materials or adhesives but if an order is placed otherwise than
    in accordance with the Seller’s recommendations or for an undisclosed use the responsibility of the Seller as to the suitability of
    the materials or adhesives shall thereupon be at an end and the Seller shall accept no responsibility for loss or damage caused by
    the use of these materials or adhesives.
  6. Credit Accounts
    Credit accounts may be opened upon receipt by the Seller of two approved trade and one bank reference which shall remain open
    only so long as the Seller’s normal credit terms and other conditions are observed.
  7. Proofs
    Proofs of all work may be submitted for the Buyer’s approval and no responsibility shall be accepted for any errors in proofs
    which may be passed by the Buyer. The Buyer’s alterations and additional proofs necessitated thereby shall be charged extra.
    When style type or layout is left to the Seller’s judgement changes therefrom made by the Buyer shall be charged extra.
  8. Preliminary Work
    Work carried out whether experimentally or otherwise at the Buyer’s request shall be charged for unless otherwise agreed.
  9. Despatch Period
    The period quoted for despatch commences from the date of the order acknowledgement but is an estimate only. Whilst the
    Seller shall use reasonable commercial endeavours to despatch the goods by the date specified on the order acknowledgement it
    shall not be liable for delay in delivery from any cause whatsoever and howsoever arising. Time shall not be of the essence of the
  10. Expedited Despatch
    Should despatch of the good be required sooner than the normal time requisite for its proper production every effort will be made
    to secure freedom from defects but reasonable allowance must be made by the Buyer in such cases. Should such despatch
    necessitate overtime being worked or other additional costs being incurred a charge will be made to cover the increased cost
    unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Seller.
  11. Quantity Despatched
    Every reasonable endeavour will be made to despatch the correct quantity ordered but owing to the difficulty of producing exact
    quantities quotations are conditional upon a margin of 10% being allowed for overs or shortages the same to be charged for or
  12. Despatch in Lots
    The Seller shall have the right to despatch any portion(s) of the goods covered by the contract and to invoice the Buyer for such
    portion(s) so dispatched on the same terms and conditions set forth herein. Each delivery part delivery and part performance shall
    be deemed to represent a separate contract and failure of any delivery part delivery or part performance shall not vitiate any
    contract in respect of any other delivery part delivery or part performance.
  13. Non Acceptance by the Buyer
    If by reason of the Buyer’s default goods have not been taken up or delivered by the applicable delivery date the Seller may
    (without prejudice to its right to claim damages) suspend delivery of the goods or treat the contract as repudiated with regard to
    those goods or store the goods at the expense and risk of the Buyer until they are taken up or do any combination of the
  14. Loss or Damage in Transit and Non Delivery of the Goods
    No responsibility shall be accepted by the Seller:
    (a) for any shortage or damage in transit unless
    (i) where goods are delivered other than by the Seller’s transport the Buyer makes a claim in writing providing full particulars on
    the Secretary of the Seller at its registered office within seven days of receipt of the goods
    (ii) where goods are delivered by the Seller’s transport details of any shortage and damage are endorsed on the delivery note.
    (b) for the non delivery of the goods unless the Buyer makes a claim in writing providing full particulars on the Secretary of the
    Seller at its registered office within twenty one days of the Seller’s advice note. Provided that if in any particular case the Buyer
    proves that:
    (i) it was not reasonably possible for the Buyer to advise the Seller in writing the aforesaid times and
    (ii) such advice or claim was given or made within a reasonable time the Seller shall not have the benefit of this condition.
  15. Defective Goods
    Any complaints concerning defective goods must be made in writing within twenty eight days of receipt of the goods by the
    Buyer. In the event of such a complaint being justified in the Seller’s opinion the goods will be replaced at no extra cost to the
  16. Liability
    The seller shall not be liable for indirect or consequential loss or for any loss to the customer arising from third party claims
    occasioned by errors in carrying out the work or by delay in delivery.
    (a) We shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from failure by us to perform the contract, whether wholly
    or in part, which is caused by:
    (i) default by our suppliers, or,
    (ii) any cause whatsoever beyond our control.
    (b) Our liability whether in contract or in tort shall in all cases be limited to the amount of the invoice to which the claim relates.
    (c) In no circumstances whatsoever shall we be liable for indirect or consequential loss or for loss of profits.
  17. Standing Matter and Printers Materials
    Type may be distributed and/or lithographic photogravure or other work affaced immediately after the order is executed unless
    written arrangements are made to the contrary. In the latter event rent shall be paid unless any other specific arrangement had
    been made.
  18. Buyers Property
    Buyer’s property when supplied to the Seller shall be held at the Buyers risk. Every reasonable care will be taken to secure the
    best results where materials are supplied by the Buyer but no responsibility will be accepted for imperfect work caused by
    defects in or unsuitability of materials so supplied.
  19. Drawings
    All drawings specifications and illustrations in the Sellers catalogues sales or promotional literature or elsewhere are included as
    a guide only and unless specifically stated to the contrary shall not form part of the contract.
  20. Property and Risk Ownership
    (a) Except in the circumstances envisaged by sub-clauses (c) and (d) of this Clause the Seller shall remain legal owner of the
    Goods until such time as the Buyer shall have paid to the Seller all sums due to the Seller in respect of the Goods PROVIDED
    that the Seller may at any time by notice in writing to the Buyer declare that legal ownership and property in the Goods or any
    part of the Goods has passed to the Buyer. If the price is payable by instalments or part only of the price has been paid to the
    Seller, the Seller may appropriate any payments made to any part of the Goods which have been delivered and title to that part
    shall thereupon pass. Until such time as property passes the Buyer acknowledges that he is in possession of the Goods solely as
    bailee for the Seller. The Buyer shall if the Seller so requires at all times during which the legal title to the Goods remains in the
    Seller in accordance with this sub-clause (a) keep and store the Goods so that they may readily be identified as the property of
    the Seller and during such time the Goods shall be kept and maintained in the condition in which they were delivered to the
    (b) In the event that a Receiver is appointed over the business of the Buyer or that a resolution is passed (other than for the
    purposes of amalgamation or reconstruction) or a petition presented for the liquidation of the Buyer or if the Buyer commits an
    act of bankruptcy then the seller or its authorised agents or representatives shall have right of access to and egress from the
    premises of the Buyer in order to identify and recover therefrom the goods in the possession of the Buyer in which the legal title
    remains in the Seller under sub-clause (a) of this Clause. Prior notice shall not be required but any such visit will only be made
    within normal business hours.
    (c) In the event that the Goods are incorporated by the Buyer in other products before payment is made in such circumstances
    that the Goods are no longer identifiable as such the rights of the Seller contained in sub-clause (b) of this Clause shall attach to
    the products in which the Goods have been so incorporated.
    (d) In the event that the Goods are re-sold by the Buyer (whether after such incorporation as is referred to in sub-clause (c) of this
    Clause or not) the Seller shall be entitled to the proceeds of such resale to the extent of the unpaid value of the Goods.
    The risk in the Goods shall pass to the Buyer on delivery to the Buyer the Buyer’s carrier or the Buyer’s consignee.
  21. Price
    The prices charged shall be the prices stipulated by the Seller as being current of the date of despatch. The prices are specified as
    exclusive of VAT. A surcharge shall be placed on any order for delivery outside the UK mainland.
  22. Carriage and Method of Freight
    Goods are delivered carriage paid to one address in the UK Mainland by our chosen carrier unless stated otherwise. At the
    request of the Buyer alternative methods of transport may be specified and any extra costs incurred will be invoiced to the Buyer
    unless agreed otherwise.
  23. Payment
    Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Seller payment for the goods shall be made by the 30th day following date of invoice.
    Time of payment shall be of the essence of all contracts.
    In default of payment on the due date the Seller without prejudice to its rights here under shall have the right to suspend
    deliveries and supplies and charge the Buyer interest on the overdue payment at the rate of 2% per month or pro rata per diem
    from the date payment was due until the date payment is made to the Seller. All payments shall be made in sterling to the Seller
    at its registered office.
  24. Illegal Matter
    The Seller shall not be required to print any matter which in its unrestricted opinion is or may be of illegal libellous or improper
    nature or any infringement of the proprietary or other rights of any third party or unsuitable for any reasons for publication. The
    Buyer shall indemnify the Seller for and against all costs claims and demands which may arise in any proceedings brought
    against the Seller arising from the nature of the matter printed or its form or content. The indemnity shall extend to any amounts
    paid in settlement of any claim.
  25. Cancellation
    No cancellation or variation of an order by the Buyer shall be effective unless made in writing and until accepted in writing by an
    authorised representative of the Seller at its registered office. The Seller reserves the right to refuse to accept such cancellation or
    variation or to accept cancellation or variation only subject to such conditions as are warranted according to the circumstances.
    Acceptance by the Seller shall be subject to payment by the Buyer of such cancellation or variation charges as the Seller shall
    deem reasonable. Such charges shall take into account expenses incurred and commitments made by the Seller and all other
    losses due to such cancellation or variation.
  26. Force Majeure
    Should any event occur whether of the Sellers plant or otherwise which is beyond the control of the Seller such as by way of
    example industrial action or dispute (including strike or lock out) shortage of materials or other action of a government or other
    competent authority accident instructions from the Buyer and the performance of this contract is prevented or delayed.
    (a) Without prejudice to its rights in the event of breach of contract by the Buyer the Seller reserves the right to suspend delivery
    or other performance of the Sellers obligations under any contract and to cancel unfulfilled parts of any contract in whole or in
    part and in the event of the Seller exercising any such right the Sellers liability shall be limited to the repayment to the Buyer
    (without interest) of any part of the purchase or contract price or charge already received by the Seller and attributed to any
    unfulfilled and cancelled part of the contract less any expenses incurred by the Seller from the date of cancellation in part
    performance of the contract.
    (b) If such prevention or delay continues for three months the Buyer may elect to cancel the contract or to allow the order to
    remain on the Sellers books and to be completed at some later date.
  27. Copyright
    The Buyer hereby acknowledges that the copyright in the drawings specifications and other literature supplied by the Seller and
    the design copyright in all goods manufactured by the Seller shall rest in the Seller.
  28. Alterations to and Withdrawals of Specifications
    The Seller reserves the right to withdraw or alter designs and specifications of its goods without prior notice and shall not be
    under any liability whatsoever for such withdrawals or alterations.
  29. Waiver
    No waivers by the Seller in respect of any breach by the Buyer shall operate as a waiver in respect of any subsequent breach.
  30. Minimum Order Charge
    Owing to the high cost of such order the Seller reserves the right to impose a minimum order charge on all orders of less than
    £250 (two hundred and fifty pounds) excluding VAT as indicated.
  31. Severability
    Any provision(s) of these Conditions which in any way now or subsequently contravenes the law shall be deemed severable and
    shall not affect any other
    provision(s) herein.
  32. Errors and Omissions
    Typographical and/or errors or omissions that are not covered by our Terms and Conditions of Proofing shall be subject to
  33. Proofing
    Proofing is undertaken in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Proofing a copy of which is sent with each proof or is
    available upon request
  34. Jurisdiction and Governing Law
    Any contract of which these conditions form part shall be governed by the laws of England and the Buyer hereby submits to the
    English courts.
  35. Construction
    The clause headings herein shall not affect the interpretation of these conditions.